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Express Your Gratitude

Expressing gratitude is a powerful means of elevation and positivity. Recharge your spirits through this simple practice

Step 1:

Sit in a comfortable position with a pen and notebook next to you. Gently close your eyes and spend a few minutes connecting to the Divine. Calm your wandering mind by bringing your focus to the present moment.

Step 2:

Now, recollect all the beautiful things that people around you have done for you. Realise the impact their caring acts have had on your well-being and how they have contributed to your happiness. Experience a feeling of deep gratitude towards them.

Step 3:

Divide the page in 2 vertical columns. Make a note of each such act of kindness in the left column.

Step 4:

Think of unique means of expressing your gratitude towards those who helped you through these acts. For example, you may choose to write a thank you note to someone, gift a box of chocolates to another or run an errand for yet another. Pen how you would like to show how thankful you are in the right column.

Step 5:

Put these resolutions into action at the very next available opportunity. If you wish to thank someone you may not meet in the near future, like a school teacher or distant relative, choose a means of expression that does not require a meeting; like making a phone call or sending an email etc., but do not let the opportunity to express gratefulness pass you by.

Continue this practice regularly and see how the simple act of expressing gratitude improves the quality of your life and relationships. You will also find that it inspires you to perform more and more acts of kindness.


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