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Celebrate by Sharing - Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur

Create Your Campaign in 4 Easy Steps

Celebrate your loved ones by donating to a cause on their birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion. Celebrate by sharing on behalf of your loved ones.

1. Choose your occasion

Celebrate their special day in a unique way.

2. Select your cause

Choose a charitable activity close to your loved one's heart.

3. Personalise the campaign

Describe the reason behind your initiative.

4. Spread the word

Create buzz for a successful campaign.

How can your friends and family support you?

Once your campaign page is all ready, you may now send it to your friends and family across the world.
Invite them to be a part of your unique movement of sharing happiness to the dispirited.
You may even publish your campaign page on an online social network like Facebook or Twitter, etc.
Those who have resolved to support your cause may donate through 3 different methods:

Online Payment

Donors have the ability to make secure online contributions using a multitude of payment options.

Cheque Donations

Cheque donations may be posted either to the Ashram or the Mumbai administrative centre at Patel Chambers.

Donations in Cash

Donations in cash across the counter at the Ashram or the Mumbai administrative centre at Patel Chambers.

What's more is that your supporters can also leave an inspiring message or personal experience for you and others to read.

You will also be intimated with an email as soon as a friend or relative donates for your campaign. The details of the donations made by them along with their message, if any, may be viewed on your campaign page as a part of your donation history.

So, what are you waiting for?
Your true celebration is just a
Click Away!