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Changing Thought Patterns

Here’s a systematic way of transforming your thoughts and habits, and bringing in a fresh breeze of calm and sense of balance

Whenever you feel any judgment in your mind – anger, jealousy, anxiety, pain or greed, no matter what the thought pattern may be, change the breathing.

Step 1

At any given time, if you want to alter a pattern of the mind which has become a continuing habit – breathing is the best method. The pattern of breathing is connected with all habits of the mind. You change the breathing pattern and the mind will change immediately.

At once, you will see the change.

Step 2

Now exhale deeply. Draw your stomach in, and as you throw out the breath imagine the thought pattern being thrown out.

Take in Fresh Air: Breathe in fresh air deeply, two or three times – and just see what happens. The old habit will not have been able to take control of you. You will feel an absolute newness.

So, when you want to throw something out – begin with exhalation, and when you want to take something in – take up inhalation.

You will see that the mind has moved to another state; simply by doing this, a fresh breeze has set in. You are not stuck in the old pothole, so you will not repeat the old habit.

You can try this for all habits. For example, if you smoke, just let the urge out. Then take in a fresh breath and you will instantly see the urge go. This can become an essential technique for inner transformation.


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