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Forgiveness is Phenomenal

The feeling of resentment towards others binds us in cycles of negative thoughts and feelings. Use the power of forgiveness to free yourself of your grudges

Holding a prejudice against someone, weakens the mind, is harmful to health and is an enemy of spiritual growth. Harbouring dislike debilitates one, giving way to hatred instead of love and blinds one’s sense of judgment.

Let us use this experiment to overcome such negative emotions.

Step 1

Sit in a comfortable position and take a few deep breaths. Recall a person you hold a grudge against. Think of the event which left you feeling hurt.

Step 2

Check the kinds of emotions that come to the forefront. If anger wells up for instance, go deeper. Are you also experiencing pain, hurt etc.? Without condemning the other person, honestly admit your own feelings.

Step 3

Now, think of the person once more with the realisation that whatever action he took was to relieve his own suffering. His intention was to find happiness, not to hurt you.

Step 4

Forgive the person and say, “_______, I forgive you and wish you joy and happiness.” Set aside your bitterness and open your heart to the possibility of mending the relationship.

Step 5

Experience the release of a great burden, simply with the resolve and willingness to forgive and make amends. Thank the Divine for giving you the strength to forgive.

Practice this experiment to fortify your ability to love others unconditionally and take control of your own happiness.


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