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Snapshot Meditation

Use this simple technique to stimulate awareness and elevate yourself

Notice any time that you find yourself in a moment of happiness or deep fulfilment.

Step 1:

Pause… relax your body and mind. In this peaceful moment, give yourself time to fully absorb your feelings and surroundings.

Reflect upon, ‘What is making this moment special and satisfying? What am I doing and who is sharing this experience with me? What sights, sounds and sensations are creating and enhancing this experience?’

Step 2:

Having observed this, click a mental snapshot – imprint in your memory with the highest possible level of awareness, all the components that make this moment extraordinary.

Step 3:

Repeat this exercise often. As you continue to use this technique, you will create a scrapbook of all these snapshots.

Revisiting this scrapbook and reliving these priceless moments time and again will serve to uplift you and give you a positive view of your life, even in difficult times.

Enjoy yourself, knowing that this technique promises to raise you to the heights of exuberance and joy.


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