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Strengthening The 4 Bhavnas

Discover how a few minutes of silent contemplation in the morning and carrying the 4 bhavnas with you through the day can bring about a transformation in your life. Try this simple experiment and experience the difference

Absence of hatred towards all living beings and wishing for their upliftment


Recognising virtues in others and experiencing joy


Sympathy towards those who are suffering and attempting to alleviate their misery


Withdrawing externally from another, though internally centred in the feeling of love

Constant practise of these 4 bhavnas can be facilitated through a Practice Chart.

In a tabular chart, write the dates in the vertical column and the 4 bhavnas in a horizontal row. Further, divide each bhavna into three vertical columns: contemplation, practise and lapse.

C* P* L* C* P* L* C* P* L* C* P* L*
Mon 15 
Tue 16
Wed 17
Thu 18
Fri 19
Sat 20
Sun 21
C* – Contemplation, P* – Practise, L* – Lapse

Step 1

Each morning close your eyes, peacefully contemplating on the four bhavnas with a firm resolve to remain stabilised in them. Tick the column of ‘Contemplation’ after doing this.

Step 2

Review the day’s proceedings at night and reflect on how well you have implemented them. If you have consciously remembered and applied them even once or twice in your activities, place a tick under the ‘Practise’ column.

Step 3

If you have acted in a manner contrary to them, put a mark in the ‘Lapse’ column and take a small penance to increase your awareness.

Resolve to be more aligned to the bhavnas the next day.

Practise this for a month with passion and sincerity basking in the knowledge that every day your Sadguru is whispering in your ears, ‘March onwards, do not stop!’ You will notice miracles taking place within you.


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