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Two Minute Meditation

Experimenting with Yourself

Busy? Can’t sit for long meditation sessions? Here is a simple way to remain connected.

Choose a reminder for this meditation – a door bell, a phone call… anything to remind you of these quiet moments.

Say your reminder is a door bell. When the doorbell rings, do attend to the person at the door.

After you are done with that person, sit down. Sit in an upright position.

Gently close your eyes. Have a soft smile on your face. Bring your attention to your breathing.

As you get focused, your breathing becomes slow and deep. Watch your mind slowing down too.

You will soon feel peace emerging. Be in this for two minutes.

In between, if thoughts arise, do not worry, bring your attention back to your breathing.

Tell your mind, “Just two minutes, please.” After two minutes, thank the mind for letting you do so.

Gently rub your palms, slowly caress your face. Open your eyes. Now you are ready to attend to your next chore, calm and fresh.


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