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Shri Atmasiddhi Shastra – Drawing Focus Towards the Self

Expounding on the wisdom of Shri Atmasiddhi Shastra, Pujya Gurudevshri explains how we have been suffering by knowing just the non-Self, and not focussing our attention and efforts in knowing the Self – the source of all bliss and peace

Param Krupalu Dev in His magnum opus Shri Atmasiddhi Shastra elucidates that the main cause of suffering is not knowing the nature of the Self. Therefore, one desirous of spiritual welfare should first determine the true nature of the Self – ‘I am of the nature of consciousness. Any other thing or feeling is not me or my nature. I am the embodiment of bliss, abode of peace and self-secured. I don’t need to depend on anything other than my Self for happiness, peace and security.’ An inclination to change the non-Self is ignorance and that is the primary cause of sorrow.

Soul is Incapable of Making Changes in Matter

The nature of the Self is consciousness. It cannot do anything in the inert non-Self. Infinite power is manifest in the Omniscient One; yet that power cannot bring about any changes in the non-Self. Such is the independent and complete nature of the soul. In consciousness, there is no give or take of matter particles.

Soul and matter both undergo modifications independently, and as per their own nature. But because their modifications happen simultaneously, the ignorant one believes he can bring changes in the non-Self. The Self is only an instrument and not the cause of material modifications. It only knows the changes; does not do them or stop them from occurring. In the absence of this understanding, the ignorant one endeavours to seek happiness, peace and security by bringing about modifications in the non-Self. In trying to do so, he remains the doer and enjoyer only of the auspicious and inauspicious feelings but never becomes the doer of the modifications of the non-Self.

Everything is Systematic

In a drama, if a naughty child’s room is to be shown, and if someone feels that things on the stage should be kept systematically, then he has not understood the need of the drama. The ignorant one finds everything in the world in disarray. So, he wants to arrange things as per his concept of perfection. This attitude of making changes in the world brings anxiety and creates clashes. The inclination to change is ignorance. Instead, you become systematic, bring your focus to the source of thoughts and then see the world. You will find everything exact and perfect. You have neither to gain nor to lose because of the non-Self. Let the material world be the way it is. You don’t need to change the world. Just recognise yourself as consciousness, separate from it.

Enough of Knowing just the non-Self!

Why do you run towards the non-Self for happiness when you are the Lord of complete bliss? You don’t need to beg for happiness from the world. Giving up the inclination of bringing about changes or seeing things as desirable or undesirable, abide in the pure Self.

Your nature of knowingness is such that it can know the Self as well as the non-Self. Then why have you limited yourself to knowing and identifying with only the non-Self since time immemorial? Stop squandering your attention on the non-Self. To know the non-Self is not harmful but seeing it as the Self is the cause of transmigration and endless suffering. Also, without knowing the Self, you will not be able to know the non-Self as it is. Therefore, focus on knowing the Self.

Delusion Deceives

In the pursuit of realising the Self, if you have to withdraw from knowing the non-Self, you need not worry that your nature of knowing the non-Self will get destroyed. To know is the nature of the soul and hence it can never be obliterated. Here, the focus is on knowing the Self. Without doing that you have been knowing the non-Self and suffering infinitely.

Your interest, attachment and belief of happiness in the non-Self does not let you determine the nature of the Self correctly. Seeing an object you say, ‘This is good or bad; beneficial or harmful.’ However, nothing is good or bad. It is what it is. But delusion distorts and obscures right understanding.

You have knowledge about the Self but without identifying with knowingness, you will not experience bliss and peace. Your own good lies in giving up eagerness and attachment to know the non-Self and turning your attention towards the Self. Know only the Self and immerse in it. Remember, the pure Self is the only thing worth knowing, believing in, revering, practicing, and revelling in.

Know the Self

The command is to know the Self; it is not to negate knowing of the non-Self. The command is to break the attachment and identification with the non-Self. Infinite good lies in following this command and making it a firm resolve. Your indulgence with the non-Self alone is the cause of your sorrow, unrest, adharma and transmigration. When you don’t know how to turn your focus towards the Self, you suffer due to dependence on the non-Self. The practice of adharma takes you to hellish and other gross states. While those who have turned to see their own true nature have attained independent bliss.

A Sadguru introduces you to the Self. Identify with the constant, changeless awareness in you and transcend the suffering of transmigration. By His infinite grace purity will manifest, and you will get liberated. The path of liberation is not dependent on the non-Self. It is attained by focussing inclination towards the pure Self. He who tirelessly endeavours to turn and stay focused on the Self is truly religious.

The Spirit of Right Understanding

Anyone who cultivates the virtues of a true seeker as described in Shri Atmasiddhi Shastra can put forth the efforts for inwardness. He who has subsided the passions, has a burning desire only for liberation, is weary of transmigration, has a heart of compassion; if such a virtuous seeker earnestly puts in right efforts as guided by the Sadguru, he will surely attain Self-realisation.

This is like a wedding with consciousness for which you will need to forget everything and tune to the pure Self. Nothing should be more important and dearer to you than the Self. Having received direction from the Sadguru, if you have awakened to focus on the steady, unchanging Being, then liberation is inevitable. The purity that manifests within, cannot be undone; it must certainly move on to manifest Omniscience.

Shri Atmasiddhi Shastra is an extraordinary scripture that is helpful to a true seeker in making a firm resolve regarding the nature of the Self, practice of inwardness, discernment between Self and non-Self and the attainment of Self-realisation; so also beneficial till the journey to Omniscience. Here, Param Krupalu Dev has woven the wisdom which is supremely beneficial in providing direction, inspiration, enthusiasm, zeal for attaining the pure state, and a firm resolve to become free from worldly states.

If you want to know the root of transmigration, understand the purpose behind religious activities, determine the goal of life, contemplate on the essence of the path of liberation; then don’t just read this scripture. Instead, study it well, understand it in depth, bring it to experience. Again and again reflect upon it, weave it in your life.


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