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Shri Atmasiddhi Shastra – The Path of Inwardness

Pujya Gurudevshri explains that the one who practises the art of focusing within as guided by Param Krupalu Dev in Shri Atmasiddhi Shastra comes to realise his true nature and revels in it forever

Constant contemplation on Shri Atmasiddhi Shastra with reverence increases one’s inner purity. Following the wisdom of this unique scripture, while serving the Lotus Feet of the Sadguru, many have, are, and shall easily turn within and attain Self-realisation.

The seed of Self-realisation lies within you. It has not sprouted in ages because it may not have found the right ground, it may not have got the right gardener, it may not have been sown at the right time, it may not have received sunlight. By the grace of the Guru, when one turns inward, the seed develops, and he experiences the bliss of the Self.

This flow of inner bliss does not manifest till the mind is curious about the outside world. When this curiosity ceases, you begin to move towards your source, and the fountain of bliss springs forth. This turning towards one’s source is dharma. Turning towards the other for happiness is adharma.

No one has ever attained true happiness from the world. All those who have turned inward have inevitably experienced bliss. Their ways to inwardness may have been different – by dancing or through meditation, by the path of devotion or that of knowledge, but their direction and destination are the same – from the world to the pure Self. When the Self is forgotten, there is suffering; and when remembered, there is happiness.

Turn Within

The saints tell us to be like a tortoise that has the ability to pull its limbs within. Sense organs are doors to go outward. Through eyes, ears, etc. the consciousness can know the world of objects, but it cannot know the knower. To turn inward, the seeker must withdraw the consciousness scattered through the sense organs. Outside, there is duality; inside, there is non-duality. Turn to your source, your home, and you will attain something priceless. Just as one cannot reach a place in the East by going West, you cannot get what is within by wandering outside. Take refuge of the Enlightened Ones and their teachings, as they have transcended the senses.

Withdrawing consciousness like the tortoise does not imply that one should destroy the eyes, block the nose, shut the ears, or stop using the limbs. It only means that when eyes see the outside world, as seeing is their nature, there remains no interest in the seen. The Enlightened Ones through Their eyes can see and know the difference between a wall and an open door, but there is no interest in those objects. Let the eyes be used for the purpose that they are meant for. However, behind the eyes, there is the desire of seeing and enjoying the form. The seeker must try to become free from this desire by reflecting – What is in the form? What can be truly gained by seeing the form?

Stop Wandering Outside

Like a camera, eyes click a picture of the form outside and project it on the screen of your brain; like a movie projected on the screen. But you get immersed in it. Just as the cinema screen does not have anything, yet while viewing the movie you become happy or sad. What craziness, what curiosity, what eagerness, what excitement…! Whole life, you have done just this. The movies are an extension of the events constantly happening within you. You like watching movies because it matches with the ways of the mind.

Turning the eyes within means the eyes remain only as an instrument of seeing and not the means to fulfil the desire to see forms, because form is just a picture. If your craziness recedes, you will experience that the energy which was going out through the senses and wandering, now is becoming steady within. The absence of inner poise and steadiness is because the energy is running outside through the sense organs. The sense organs are like holes through which your energy gets dissipated. If this continues, you shall remain empty like a cracked pot. But if your energy stops leaking through the senses, it will remain within and become steady. The attention that was wandering outside, gets connected within.

Practise Witnessing Daily

Your tendency of going out through the senses is only a habit. To withdraw like the tortoise is to stop this old practice and turn your consciousness away from the senses. If it stops wandering outside, you will experience consciousness gathering strength within. You will enjoy this and wisdom will begin to dawn upon you.

Just keep knowing whatever happens around; at the body level and on the screen of the mind. Only know. Accept everything with a welcoming attitude. Stay a witness, with the awareness of the knowing Self and an attitude of equanimity. No thought of doership. Just knowing. With a little but earnest practice, you will experience the difference. Later, even when the attention goes out, there will be no interest in it.

What happens is not important, just know. Do nothing but be the knowingness! Be neither the doer nor the enjoyer. Enough of wandering or regretting. Now leave the old and practise the new. It may take time. But with firm resolve, simply know. This will break the old habit and life will become divine.

Who is Brave?

He who resolves to practise inwardness is truly brave. All beings – animals, birds and insects too – go outward. There is nothing great about it. Valorous are those rare few who turn within. Going to the moon is easy because it’s an outward journey, but to go within isn’t; the inner journey hasn’t been undertaken since time immemorial and the habit of outwardness is a hindrance. Still these obstacles can be transcended. If you earnestly wish, you can, because your destination is very near to you, within you, nay it is you, your own true nature.

To turn within, you will need a lot of courage to see the worthlessness of what seemed interesting for ages. One who has a firm conviction that ‘till now, I have lived in vain’, he alone can move towards the truth. He who is ready to change the course of the mind is a true seeker; he alone is brave. He is fearlessly ready to put his life at stake to attain the truth. He who is dead to the material life, marks the beginning of a new life. He starts winding up activities and possessions and brings a momentum to his journey within.

The Glory of Self-dependence

Self-dependence uproots all suffering, ends inner poverty, slavery, and begging. It gives the experience of being an emperor, the experience of independent bliss. All the saints say the same, go within and attain infinite bliss.

Reflection on Shri Atmasiddhi Shastra is capable of bringing about such a transformation. It can make your focus glide towards the Self and make you calm and steady. You will not be able to do it by yourself. With the benevolent guidance of a Sadguru, you can easily and completely turn inward and experience your pure Being.


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