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Like a Potter who Supports

O Lord!

Like a potter who supports the pot from inside while beating it from outside and bakes it when it is raw, I am grateful to You O Master Potter for training me to become worthy of receiving Your divine love.

In the name of religion I began to see the world as filth. I started abhorring and running away from it. But I never cared to see and clean the filth that lied within. How can the lotus of Enlightenment blossom in a heart that is busy striving only for changes outside?

But now, instead of complaining about people and events, I will pass through situations with greater awareness, practice equanimity, and become more mature.

O my Divine Artisan! With Your grace, I embark on the journey from filth to lotus.

May I endeavour to make my love more pure and profound. May I protect it from the filth of attachment, expectations and ego. Understanding the nature of my negative tendencies, may I transcend them and become the embodiment of love, just like You.

Om Peace Peace Peace


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#SadguruWhispers Amidst inner impurities, the Self remains unchanging and pure. Detach from the modifications to experience the pure Self.