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O’ My Supreme Refuge

O Lord!

When You place the responsibility of Your work in someone’s hand, You also give him  strength to uphold it. You also bless him with devotion to carry out the task of serving You.

Give me as much work as You want, but may I never forget You even for a moment, may the ego of performing them never sully my heart.

Tie me with as many ropes of responsibilities as You want, but keep me free for You, always.

I will go anywhere You want me to go, but O my Supreme Refuge! May I always rest in You.

The path is difficult. The world is bewildering. Countless abandonments, sorrows, painful separations, and afflictions lie in it. Let all my efforts lead me to Your soothing shelter.

Om Peace Peace Peace


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#SadguruWhispers External practices can be helpful, but a seeker focuses on practising inwardness.