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Wallowing In Ego

O Master!

Wallowing in ego, I have always
disregarded You. I scattered my love in the
world and simply squandered it away. Now,
collecting it from everywhere, I wish to
offer it at Your Lotus Feet. With Your divine
touch, may my impure and imperfect love
become pure and eternal.

Trusting my intelligence, I wandered a lot.
Trusting my inner Self, I pine to bring an
end to this wandering. Annihilating the
doership, I yearn to live a life of child-like

O Garden of Virtues! A sprout of Your love
gave the first intimation of the Supreme
Being residing within. And I spontaneously
began to surrender my heart, intellect,
and desires at Your Lotus Feet. In taking
just that first step towards You, half of my
the journey is over.

Seeing You, kindled my faith in a state that is
beyond the body even though with a body.
O my most Adorable Lord! May I have an
undivided love for You, for I seek You alone.
In the shelter of this strong current of love,
may I diligently follow Your instructions.
May I devoutly stay connected with the Self.

Om Peace Peace Peace


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