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Patrank – 135

Vavania, 2nd Bhadarva Sud 14, Sunday, 1946

Spiritually inclined brethren,

It gives me great satisfaction to see that your heart is touched by the desire for liberation. The aspiration that the cycles of birth and death since time immemorial should now come to an end, is certainly beneficial. An opportune time will arrive when that which is desired will be attained.

Constantly pen your state of mind. Keep kindling your aspiration. And though you may have heard the following spiritual discussion, keep reflecting upon it over and over again.

There are five attributes of samyak darshan (right belief):

The subsiding of passions such as anger, the reduction in the passions that are manifest, the state of being that can be reverted, or the subsiding of tendencies present since time immemorial is ‘sham’.

No other desire or aspiration but to get liberated is ‘samveg’.

From the time it is understood that the cycles of birth and death occurred due to delusion alone, since then a firm resolve that ‘Now, enough is enough, Oh Soul! Now stop!’, this is ‘nirved’.

Engrossment in the words of the desireless Masters, whose greatness is unparalleled is ‘shraddha’ – ‘aastha’.

Through all these, a sense that all souls are like my soul is ‘anukampa’.

These attributes are certainly worthy of reflection, worthy of remembrance, worthy of desiring and worthy of experiencing. More on another occasion.

Raichand’s regards


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