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Patrank – 211

Mumbai, Maah Vad Amas, 1947

‘Truth’ is not something that is far, but it appears to be far, and this alone is one’s delusion.

‘Truth’, whatever it is, is ‘Truth’ alone; it is simple; easy to comprehend; and is attainable everywhere; but, how can one who is veiled in delusion attain it? No matter how many categories of darkness are made, but none of them will be of the nature of light; in the same way, no imagination from the imaginations of a person veiled by ignorance can be considered as ‘Truth’, and not even close to ‘Truth’. ‘Truth’ is, it is not an illusion, it is absolutely separate (different) from illusion; it is ‘beyond’ (far from) imagination; therefore, the one who has firmly resolved to attain, must first determine with firm conviction that he knows nothing, and then, for the attainment of ‘Truth’, should surrender to the Enlightened One; then the path will certainly be obtained.

These words that have been written, are like the supreme companion, the ultimate protector for all aspirants; and when rightly deliberated upon, they are capable of bestowing the supreme state; in them lie the entire twelve canons expounded by those without any knots of ignorance, the finest essence of the six schools of philosophy and the seed of the teaching of the Enlightened One. Therefore, over and over, remember them, ponder upon them, comprehend them, endeavour to comprehend them; remain indifferent in other ways that obstruct them; therein alone, dissolve your inclination. This is my mantra told secretly to you and any other aspirant; ‘Truth’ alone has been said in this; spend a lot of time to understand this.


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