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Patrank – 570

Mumbai, Fagan Vad 5, Saturday, 1951

To Shri Mohanlal, Shri Durban.

Have received your letter. As worldly entanglements are renounced, tranquillity manifests. As worldly entanglements are assumed, the inner bliss is disturbed. Upon reflection, this fact can be experienced clearly. Even a slight analysis about the objects of the world cannot but lead to dispassion towards them, because it is only lack of analysis that causes attachment towards them.

‘The ‘Soul exists’, ‘the Soul is eternal’, ‘the Soul is the doer of karma’, ‘the Soul is the enjoyer of karma’, ‘the Soul can attain liberation from it and ‘there are means to attain liberation’: when these six fundamental truths are realised after deliberation, that should be considered as the attainment of the power of discrimination or samyakdarshan (right belief) according to the Jina. This exposition should be studied in depth by spiritual aspirants.

The contemplation of these six fundamental truths arises either through the deep impressions of the past or because of the influence of satsang.

Due to a sense of attachment towards impermanent things, the existence, permanence, and uninhibited bliss of the Soul cannot be comprehended. Since time immemorial the soul is so engrossed in its attachment that through gradual discrimination, eventually the bewildered soul has to return. And before the knot of delusion could be severed, often in the past, this discrimination has been given up. Because without intense effort, that which has been practised since time immemorial cannot be given up in a short span. Therefore, repeatedly through satsang, scriptures and by cultivating deep contemplation; intense efforts should be made towards this. The result of which is the dawn of the permanent, eternal, blissful Self-realisation. The rising doubts are calmed through patience and contemplation. By impatience or through weird imagination the soul loses the opportunity of its own upliftment and because of attachment to impermanent things, it is again and again subjected to cycles of birth and death.

Knowing that you harbour a desire for self-enquiry gives me great pleasure. In this pleasure, there is no selfishness. Your wish to embark on the path of inner bliss will bring you the opportunity to get liberated from the agonies of the world. Seeing such possibility, I naturally feel joyous. That alone is my recommendation.

Salutations to the Divinity in you.


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