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Patrank – 649

Mumbai, Aso, 1951

Even a single moment that has passed cannot be regained, and it is invaluable, then what about an entire lifetime!

Misuse of one moment is more harmful than even losing an invaluable Kaustubh (jewel), then how much harm would be incurred in misuse of one ghadi (24 minutes) comprising of 60 such moments? In this way, how much harm and how much damage would be caused by misuse of one day, one fortnight, one month, one year and eventually entire lifetime that can be instantly thought by a pure heart. Happiness and joy are always dear to all living beings, all souls, all existences, and all insects, yet they experience sorrow and joy. What could be the reason for this? Ignorance, and due to that, misuse of life. Every living being should desire to stop the misuse, but by which means?


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