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Patrank – 670

Mumbai, Fagun Sud 1, 1952

Om Sadguru’s Grace

All activities of the Enlightened One are rooted in the supreme truth, yet, the day when even the destiny will be in harmony with the soul, that day would be a blessed one.

Self-realisation has been called the best remedy to become free from all suffering, these words of the Enlightened Ones are true, very true.

As long as one does not realise the Self appropriately, till then, absolute eradication of bondage does not happen; there is no doubt about it.

Until that Self-realisation manifests, one must certainly remain constantly in the refuge of the divine Sadguru, the embodiment of enlightenment, there is no doubt about it. In the absence of that refuge, it is essential to constantly deliberate upon the refuge.

As a result of the destiny, if the work of preaching has to be done before realising the Self appropriately, then the thoughtful aspirant preaches to people the means by which the path of supreme truth can be followed such as devotion unto the Enlightened One, eulogising the virtues of the Enlightened One, admiration for the Enlightened One, and the feeling of non-opposition for the Enlightened One. He does it in such a way that obstinacy in differences of opinion is removed, and an inner inclination to grasp the teachings of the Enlightened One is attained. Knowing that in the present times, more deterioration of this way will happen, the Enlightened Ones have called this time a difficult time, and that is clearly visible.

In all activities, seeking the Self is the only duty; that possibility is worth constantly working for by the aspirant.


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