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Diet Myths Busted

Fact or Fiction? Some of the most common diet myths revealed

When you embark on a journey of weight loss or a diet plan, it seems everyone has their own advice. The truth is, if the person dishing out the suggestions is not a health expert, you may end up compromising your long-term health. Do not rely on hearsay, check the facts below and set yourself straight.

Myth 1: Crash diets are the most effective way to lose weight.

FACT: Although crash diets can result in large amounts of weight loss, it is muscle mass and water, not excess body fat that is lost. Problems associated with crash diets are electrolyte imbalances, anemia, vitamin and mineral deficiency. It is important to follow a sensible diet to safeguard your well-being and ensure that the lost pounds don’t come back on.

Myth 2: Large amounts of protein will increase muscle strength and size.

FACT: Excess amounts of protein do not increase muscle strength or size. In fact, protein consumed in excess of what the body needs is converted to fat. Also, protein is acidic so your kidneys tap into your body’s calcium reserves to balance this acidity.

Myth 3: Vitamin supplements provide energy.

FACT: The role of vitamins is not to supply energy but to help release energy from foods. Excess supplementation can be harmful for the body and therefore supplementation should be based on individual requirements and must be prescribed by the doctor.

Myth 4: Avoid fruits as they contain loads of sugar.

FACT: The sugar found in fruits is natural, encased in fibre and diluted with water. That is why they are easily assimilated and digested. Fruits provide nourishment and energy – they are a great source of fuel for the body.

Myth 5: To lose weight try to skip meals.

FACT: If you want a sense of well-being and energy, fuel your body right so it performs well. The body has an internal clock and the metabolism is regulated by regular cycles. If you learn to respect these cycles slimming will be easier.


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