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Stay Healthy This Monsoon

Monsoon provides a welcome change in the environment; but also brings along a series of health hazards. Let’s see how to shield our health from the monsoon malice and stay fit during the downpour this season.

Days of Splish! Splash! Splosh! Are on. While we enjoy the new look of the nature around us with lush green trees, gurgling brooks, rain drops splashing on the window panes we must not forget that monsoon brings with it some health risks. We have to be alert and take necessary precautions to stay healthy during monsoon.

The Monsoon Diet

Ayurveda expert Dr. Ravi Kothari notes that indigestion is the most common challenge this season throws up. He says, “During the monsoon, digestion slows down. In fact, even a simple glass of water you drink takes longer to digest in the rains.” As digestion during monsoon is slow, eat moderately and only when hungry. Eating when you are not hungry can lead to indigestion and sometimes to jaundice.

Incorporating soups in your daily diet is a good option as they are counted among the safest foods during monsoons. Consumption of herbal teas, such as lemon tea, is advised to keep flu away and get rid of harmful toxins. Boost your immunity through vegetables such as bitter gourd. Herbs and spices like cumin seed (jeera), pepper, asafoetida (hing), neem, coriander and turmeric improve immunity, help in digestion and their medicinal properties also help in preventing infections. Make it a point to have fruits like cherries, bananas, apples, pomegranates, plums, litchis, pears as a part of your regular diet.

The primary gateways for diseases are through our stomach and infections caused because of unclean surroundings. Thus, say a clear no to street vendors’ food and junk food as they invade our well-being by the usage of contaminated water.

Keep Monsoon Ailments at Bay

Increase in the level of water molecules in air during monsoon increases the scope of getting affected by disease carrying molecules present in the atmosphere. Thus, it is imperative to take extra care to curb the disadvantages that the monsoon downpour brings along with it.

Leptospirosis is a monsoon disease which is a common reason for various illnesses during this season. The prime cause is presence of faeces and urine of rats, dogs and other animals in ground water. During initial hours post a heavy rainfall, the water on the ground with animal impurities is not yet evaporated. Passer-bys and those with wounded feet are highly at risk. A very easy way to prevent leptospirosis is to wear proper footwear at all times when outdoors and wash your feet well once you return home. A thorough wash will avoid spreading any kind of infection in the body. A proper bath with a fair amount of antiseptic is advisable.

Breeding of mosquitoes, carrying germs of dengue and malaria is high in this season. Adopt ways of blocking mosquito entrance in your house by using mosquito nets and keeping your windows shut once the sun sets. Place camphor or cloves on your kitchen counter to keep away insects such as flies and termites.

Enjoy when it pours, but keep the umbrella of precautions open. Have a happy and safe monsoon!

-Jivanarpit Kaushal Sheth


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