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Swim your way to fitness

Swimming offers a multitude of health benefits. It’s time to take the plunge and dive in for a hassle free water workout

Tired of jogging on circular tracks for fitness? Does burning calories in a gymnasium seem monotonous? Well, it’s time to switch to a different form of exercise – Swimming. Termed as an aqua workout, swimming has a sea of health benefits. Usually associated as a recreational activity, swimming offers a string of benefits for both, the body and mind. Let’s take a look at the benefits of swimming and how it will bring waves of energy in your daily life.

Full Body Conditioning

Whilst swimming, various parts of the body stretch out with every stroke as they engage in varied techniques. The neck, spine and head twisting sideways, the motion of the arms in wide arcs and legs scissoring through water increase cardiovascular conditioning, muscle strength, endurance and flexibility all at the same time. Human arteries are layered with endothelium which tends to lose flexibility as you age. Swimming supplements in maintaining your endothelium and thus, keeping the body in good shape. As a swimmer propels through water, with each of his arms stroking and legs kicking, it results in muscle toning. The resistance offered by water to the body when overcome by muscular effort, results in strengthening of muscles. Hence faster you swim, stronger your muscles become.

Aerobic Exercise

Research reveals that pool workouts augment lung volume and edify swimmers on suitable breathing techniques. Since swimming is an aerobic exercise, the lungs work harder when you breathe between strokes thereby improving the body’s use of oxygen without overworking your heart. Risk of heart diseases is reduced as swimming ensures efficient pumping of blood. Swimming also leads to obtaining correct balance in the cholesterol levels in our body.

Weight Control

As an endurance sport, swimming allows one to lose or control his weight. Research shows that swimming burns about 10.7 calories per km per kg of body weight. It indeed is a boon for people looking to control weight, as half an hour of swim burns a minimum of 330 calories. If you are overweight, swimming is one way to shed some pounds with ease as you will be able to work out safely without putting too much stress on your joints.

Psychological Benefits

The benefits of swimming are not just limited to physical fitness. Haven’t we felt fresh and cheerful after a swim? Body toning accompanied with deep rhythmic breathing results in very good relaxation responses. Swimming provides refuelling as it allows more oxygen to flow to your muscles. The constant stretching and relaxing of muscles combined with deep rhythmic breathing and improved oxygen flow also relieves stress.

Condition your body, tone your muscles and plunge into the pool of psychological benefits as you swim your way to fitness.

– Sarvarpit Kaushal Shah


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