Quotes on Bliss


Salutations to Lord Mahavir, who inspires to go beyond the short-lasting sensual & long-lasting emotional joy & attain everlasting spiritual bliss.

Turn within to touch the blissful reservoir and experience the fountain of joy.

You are pure, complete, eternal, constant & independent. Experience and celebrate your wealth of inherent bliss.

Climb the ladder - from short-lasting sensual pleasures to long-lasting devotional joy to everlasting bliss of the Self.

The moment of Dharma is the moment of bliss. Not any future promises.

Like saltiness is to salt, bliss is to the Self.

The Guru shows your true nature as wondrous, glorious & magnificent. Turn towards it to experience boundless bliss.

Guru is an embodiment of dharma, ever awakened to the peaceful, blissful Self.

Turn towards the Self. Every inch of it is blissful and has no iota of sorrow.

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