Quotes on Guru


Look at every event in the floodlight of the Guru's teachings and reprogram your wrong beliefs.

The Enlightenned Guru teaches, touches and turns our focus towards the pure Self.

Being in harmony with the Guru is being in harmony with your pure self.

The opportunity to meet with an Enlightened Guru is like experiencing Satyug in Kalyug.

To love the Guru is to love what He loves, the Self.

Sadguru like a storm blows away your ego, attachments and insistences to reveal your inherent peace and beauty.

Your mother gives you eyes to see the world. The Guru, the divine mother, gives you vision to see beyond.

When the Guru appears the cutest, everything else in the world becomes insignificant.

When you feel a sudden elevation & a gush of happiness within, know you have passed some test of your Guru with flying colours.

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