Quotes on Death


You are short-sighted if you can only plan for this life but cannot envision beyond death.

Self-realisation is the beginning of the end of the cycle of birth and death.

Step back and observe the birth, life and death of your every feeling of anger, lust etc.

Celebrating the birth of an Enlightened Being is to glorify the One who has transcended the drama of birth & death.

Wondrous is the state of the Enlightened One for whom death is like merely taking off a coat.

You have just two options - give it or leave it but you can't take your possessions along beyond death.

The one who experiences the Divine within, transcends birth and death.

For Gandhiji, chanting the name of God was not a mere ritual. It was devotion that stayed present at the time of death.

Learn the Art of Living by understanding death & learn the Art of Dying by focussing on the eternal.

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