Quotes on Desires


Feel the Guru's grace not just in desire fulfilment but in tasting such joy in devotion that desires do not arise.

Who drives your life, you or your desires?

The ocean may get satisfied with the rivers flowing into it, but your desires can never end unless you choose to do so.

A fool wants to fulfill desires, while the wise seeks freedom from desires.

Guru is such a friend who will not support your ego, worldly desires or wrongdoings, yet you can't stop loving & revering Him.

Check your desires, passions and dreams to review your belief of joy and sorrow.

To love the Guru more than yourself is to let go of the insistence of your choices, beliefs & desires.

Prayer is a deep personal fellowship with God and not just words uttered to fulfil desires.

The richest is not the one who can fulfil all his desires, but the one who has no desires and is yet happy.

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