Quotes on Self


Just as sitting for long hours compels you to free your legs. Likewise, the pain of transmigration should impel you to liberate yourself from it.

Every moment is like a wish-fulfilling gem. Do not waste it to wade off crow-like egoic demands. Utilise them to unfold your divine Self.

Self-realisation is like cool showers of peace, lightening of Self-awareness, fountain of bliss & freedom from scorching delusion.

If needed, take a step back to give yourself time to reflect and recharge.

Amidst inner impurities, the Self remains unchanging and pure. Detach from the modifications to experience the pure Self.

The Enlightenned Guru teaches, touches and turns our focus towards the pure Self.

Being in harmony with the Guru is being in harmony with your pure self.

To love the Guru is to love what He loves, the Self.

Check your joy and spirit when you say 'I'm pure Self.' That will decide how soon you will manifest it.

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